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When public schools are educating students to their fullest potential, everyone benefits. We have some of the best schools in the state in Marietta and Cobb County, but today’s public schools are asked to do more with less. School budgets are stretched to cover basics, and parents and teachers must pay for classroom supplies. Students, parents, and teachers deserve better, and our state’s laws and budget should reflect those priorities.


Cost and access to healthcare continue to be a burden for too many families. We all try to make the best healthcare decisions for our families, but it is more of a challenge every year. The Georgia Legislature must compassionately and thoughtfully ensure that all Georgians have affordable access to the healthcare they need.


Traffic is more than a headache. It affects our daily lives and the district’s economic competitiveness. We must develop a proactive statewide transportation policy that takes into account the needs of HD 37 and Cobb County and that will connect us to the rest of the region. We need shorter and less expensive commutes.