Cost and access to healthcare continue to be a burden for too many families. We all try to make the best healthcare decisions for our families, but it is more of a challenge every year. The Georgia Legislature must compassionately and thoughtfully ensure that all Georgians have affordable access to the healthcare they need.

What I Stand For

Healthcare shouldn’t be a burden to families. Closing the insurance coverage gap would provide thousands of individuals in the 37th with increased access to quality healthcare. As the representative for the 37th district, I would continue to work across the aisle to ensure that healthcare continues to strengthen our families instead of holding them back.

My Experience

I have spent a significant amount of my time working at the Georgia State Capitol focusing on increasing quality and access to healthcare for all Georgians. Some of my top experience qualifications in healthcare include:

  • As a lobbyist, I drafted legislation, recruited bill sponsors, and built bi-partisan support for the Family Care Act, legislation allowing employees to use their sick leave to care for immediate family members. Legislation (SB 201) passed Senate and House in 2017; was signed by Governor Deal.
  • Convinced Department of Community Health to provide initial funding for Medicaid coverage of family planning services through Medicaid waiver program called Planning for Healthy Babies (P4HB).