When public schools are educating students to their fullest potential, everyone benefits. We have some of the best schools in the state in Marietta and Cobb County, but today’s public schools are asked to do more with less. School budgets are stretched to cover basics, and parents and teachers must pay for classroom supplies. Students, parents, and teachers deserve better, and our state’s laws and budget should reflect those priorities.

What I Stand For

Education in Georgia has been the focus of cuts across the board for many years, which passed the burden along from the state to the local communities to properly fund programs. Last year, the state budget for Education was fully funded for the first time since 2002. This funding is calculated by the Quality Basic Education formula which is 33 years old. We must update how we budget for our schools to ensure our students are prepared for the future.

My Experience

During my time working as a lobbyist under the Gold Dome, I have been a strong advocate for Georgia’s Education System. I worked across the aisle and with outside groups to build grass root support for issues to get results. My experience includes;

  • Persuaded House and Senate budget conferees to add $1.5 million to budget for School Nutrition in 2017.
  • Convinced budget leaders to restore $3 million to state school nutrition program, when most state programs sustained across-the-board cuts (2011).